Monday, September 12, 2011

Second week of school

So the second week of school got off to a totally SHITTY start. I was hangin with my bff Lin and there were all these birds flying around. And these geese were walking around the football field and that jackass Dy was like "fuck off geese" and he was throwingrocks at them. Dick.

So Lin pulled a knife on him LOL and she stabbed him in the shoulder and he was freaking out and totally pissed his pants lmfao!

But we got sent to the principal's office. The pricipal is a really annoying guy. Hes got like these really freaky black eyes and really long fingernails. And he insists his hair is real, but everyone knows hes bald and wears a wig. Anyway he sent Lin to the Dean, Mr. Eye and she got suspended! That's totallynot fair! Dy was totally asking to be stabbed. Like if you were there, youda been like "helloooooo hes a dick anyay" but Dy just got off scott free.

And that fucker Skin keeps following me. Get a life srsly

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