Saturday, February 11, 2012


I totally forgot about this blog!!!!111!! Im sooooooooooooo sorry u guyz!

so um wats been happening? Lin is still a BITCH (i hate her!) and shes still dating Archie. and Im goin out with Skin and hes the WORST BOYFRIEND EVER. all he does is follow me around and he never says anything. but he does whatever I tell him, so its cool lol. There are also these 2 kids who were like child prodigies or something so they got to skip a few grades and come to high school. Theres a boy and a girl. the boys name I think is chill and I dont no the girls name.

O YEAH we also got a new swimming pool instaled at school. but everyone who goes in it turns into a teacher. wtf?

Friday, October 21, 2011


OMG that fuking BICH Lin I hate her!!!!11!!11! She knows i like Archie but shes still goin to homecoming with him and i have to go with Skin (blegh!)!!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Lin's Back

ZOMG my bff Lin is back yall! ^_^

Dy is totes not gonna bother us again. Hes afraid of her now! lol

Anywayz there was gonna be a football game over the weekend and I was gonna go watch it but the other school like cancelled because our football team keeps eating other teams players. Pussies.

If they didn't want to be eaten why did they join the football team?

Friday, September 16, 2011


So like here are all the classes Im taking

Biology with Dr. Camper
Geometry with Ms. Camper
English with Mr. Camper
Spanish with Mrs. Camper
History with Rev. Camper
Art with Prof. Camper

All my teachers are so fuckin weird. Like they all have really wet hair all the time and sometimes they just randomly repeat what we say its so annoying.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Second week of school

So the second week of school got off to a totally SHITTY start. I was hangin with my bff Lin and there were all these birds flying around. And these geese were walking around the football field and that jackass Dy was like "fuck off geese" and he was throwingrocks at them. Dick.

So Lin pulled a knife on him LOL and she stabbed him in the shoulder and he was freaking out and totally pissed his pants lmfao!

But we got sent to the principal's office. The pricipal is a really annoying guy. Hes got like these really freaky black eyes and really long fingernails. And he insists his hair is real, but everyone knows hes bald and wears a wig. Anyway he sent Lin to the Dean, Mr. Eye and she got suspended! That's totallynot fair! Dy was totally asking to be stabbed. Like if you were there, youda been like "helloooooo hes a dick anyay" but Dy just got off scott free.

And that fucker Skin keeps following me. Get a life srsly

Sunday, September 11, 2011

School and shit

So, heeeeeeey! This my new blog. Guys, I just started my new school year, and it so whatever. Everyone in my class is just such a fucking loser. Theres this guy whos all creepy and follows people around and he always dresses in these really like good and fancy clothes. I think his names Skinny Dude or something stupid like that. I'll just call him Skin.

I did make one friend though This really cool girl named Lin. She's got this really cool coat made out of feathers and has this GORGEOUS blonde hair. I so want hair like that. She really likes birds.

OMG. I just realized I never introduced myself. I'm the Wooden Girl, but everyone just called me Woody, which, you know, I'm fine with, even though people confuse with that lameass cowboy. Srsly, dont bring up the cowboy or I'll make you like jump off a cliff or something.

Oh I hope you like my blog! This is gunna be soooooooooo fun!