Sunday, September 11, 2011

School and shit

So, heeeeeeey! This my new blog. Guys, I just started my new school year, and it so whatever. Everyone in my class is just such a fucking loser. Theres this guy whos all creepy and follows people around and he always dresses in these really like good and fancy clothes. I think his names Skinny Dude or something stupid like that. I'll just call him Skin.

I did make one friend though This really cool girl named Lin. She's got this really cool coat made out of feathers and has this GORGEOUS blonde hair. I so want hair like that. She really likes birds.

OMG. I just realized I never introduced myself. I'm the Wooden Girl, but everyone just called me Woody, which, you know, I'm fine with, even though people confuse with that lameass cowboy. Srsly, dont bring up the cowboy or I'll make you like jump off a cliff or something.

Oh I hope you like my blog! This is gunna be soooooooooo fun!

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